June is Gay Pride Month!!!  Diversity is Life!!! :-)Welcome to The LED (and Laser) MuseumJune is Gay Pride Month!!!  Diversity is Life!!! :-)
I also have a website about old ''insulaters'' if you're interested
(last updated 11-23-23).
Cool laser pointer site!
THIS WEBSITE IS LARGELY ARCHIVAL-ONLY AS OF 12-22-22. FIVE EVALUATIONS OF LASERS AND ONE OF AN LED CLOCK HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED SINCE 03-21-22 WHEN I FELL PREY TO A CRIPPLING STROKE. Everything I owned was destroyed/disposed of by a paranoid relative on 05-15-22 -- and I do mean ***EVERYTHING*** -- computers, product samples, vintage & antique LEDs, test instruments, clothes, shoes, medication, furniture, lamps, bedclothes, memorial items -- the whole kit & kaboodle!!!

Never forgetThe LED (and Laser) Museum is dedicated to analyzing & evaluating LEDs and products made with them. Discrete LEDs of all colors and types are tested, and LED flashlights & other kinds of LED products are evaluated and rated.Since there is still a need for incandescent flashlights, I've got some of those here too. There's even an HID light being evaluated just for good measure. But the main focushere is of course the LED and things made with them. Be sure to stop by the Museum and take a look at the evolution of the LED.Use the adjustable width scrollable picklist on the left to move around the website. (If you arrived from an outside link and the side menu or upper tabs aren't visible, this fixes it.)


Created on OCTOBER 18 1999. Please E-MAIL me with any questions.

Here are but a fraction of the comments I've received regarding my LED site.

B.J. says...
"Hi, I am a big fan of your site, I think it's great that someone finally put up something like this."

J. says...
"Love your site! I am a LED 'fanatic' myself. I just have one suggestion: for your LEDSaurus shop, did you ever consider using PayPal to accept credit cards?"

The above is fan mail and a very great suggestion all in one!

A.B. says...
"Hey man, love the site. I've been using it for months. I got so intrigued by the taxonomy of LEDS (hey, I never knew), it goaded me into making a couple of LED projects myself...

...As you can tell I have all of a sudden become enthusiastic about this because after years I FINALLY HAVE A LEAD!!Anywho- thanks dumploads and keep bringing news on the strange and wonderful L.E.D. to 'light' (har har)..."

E.R. says...
"Craig: Just got the LEDs - love them all! Thanks again for the freebees - keeping them all. The rectangular Nichia white is by far the best white LED pn earth. Could you please set aside for me another 30 of these babies?"

E.B. says...
"Between your site and Don Klipstein's, I have learned a lot about which LEDs to look for, and how to use them properly."

R.B. says...
"Hi Craig,I really like those little Nichia NSPWFS-O's. I got those forty(two) you mailed yesterday. They're really impressive and I think very usable. I've been putting 20ma through them, and would be a little apprehensive to load them up to 30. Damn, the "new" chip version must be blindingly bright.

In fact, unless you email me (that you don't have them available) before my Postman shows up, I'm putting a check in the mail today (Friday) for one hundred more."

C.B. says...
" Very nice site, glad to see someone reviewing these (LED modules)."

G.G. says...
"Dear Curator,

with great interest have I browsed through your exellent compilation about LEDs. I think it its the most complete and also graphically the most appealing web site on this subject. Congratulations !

It was very pleasing for me to find that there are people out there who are similarly fascinated by these astonishing little pieces of weird quantum behaviour."

"...I want to thank you for all the effort you have made already and encourage you to go on with it, especially with the museum and the LED shop."

B.H. says...

Wow! How quick and helpful to a simple chemist who is just learning about LEDs.

Thanks very much. We are trying to incorporate an LED experiment into our general chemistry lab for engineers."

C.C. says...
"Hi Craig,Nice website you have. I'm a frequent visitor. After reading your reviews of the CCrane LED lights, I went to their website. On the CCrane.com site, I believe the Trek-7 has been renamed the CC Expedition, and the Pilot-3 is now the CC Trek Light. Just thought you might like to know."

Compliments and information all in one... how about that? :)

H.B. says...
"Hey, Craig! Wow! I just put your web site under my favorites in two places!"

..."I expect I'll be wading through your whole site over the next little while, and I really appreciate the reviews of both the flashlights and the discreet LEDs."

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