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The ETG Safety Vest is a safety vest with flashing LEDs in it. You wear it as you would a regular safety vest; it has reflective stripes on each side (front and back); it also has 7 bright red flashing LEDs on each side, which you can turn on and off with a rubbery pushbutton located on the lower left front of the vest, just above the battery pocket.

Speaking of the battery pocket, a pair of AA cells in a plastic holder reside in a velcro-lidded pocket on the vest's inside, so they're easy to get to and change when needed.

The vest comes in three different color combinations:
Orange/Yellow Reflector
Blue/White Reflector
Blue/Yellow Reflector
The one I'm testing is the blue with yellow reflector model.

To use the ETG LED Safety Vest, you'll first need to put it on.
Put it on so the mesh part covers your back, and the two thinner "straps" are in front of you. Attach the velcro pieces at the bottom so the vest fits you properly. There are no buttons or snaps to screw with, so you can easily put the vest on and take it off without f***ing with it too much.

To turn the flashing LEDs on, press the gray rubber button near the bottom of the left front strap. Press the button again to turn the LEDs back off.

To change the batteries, check the left front strap for an inside pocket with a velcro lid. Lift the velcro lid up, and remove the battery pack. Don't reef on it too hard, or you might break the wire connecting it with the rest of the vest, and you'll be S.O.L. if you did that. :o

Remove the two dead batteries (use the point of a ballpoint pen if necessary) and dispose of them as you see fit, Insert two new AA cells in the chambers, flat (-) side of each battery facing the spring in its chamber.

Replace the battery holder in the vest's pocket, and close the pocket's lid.

Done with that.

Since the LEDs are flashing in unison (all together), I cannot get a current reading.

The vest seems to be well constructed, like that other vest I reviewed on this site a few years back. It seems a bit flimsy at first, but like good wine, the more you use it the less flimsy it seems. So I don't have any concerns with the quality of the vest itself.

Because it uses 5mm LEDs, there is a SMALL chance that one or more of the LEDs could become broken if the user falls with the vest on. They have metal grommets around them though, so you probably don't need to worry about the LEDs becoming misaligned over time.

The vest seems to fit fine, but I haven't gone out with it on so I have no comments as to how well it actually works. It should be fine though. Even if the LEDs somehow poop out on you, the reflective material on it would still allow you to be visible to any vehicles in the dark.

Like the other LED safety vest I reviewed, you should hang this vest up on a coat hanger when you're not using it. Don't just wad it up and stuff it in a cubbyhole, unless you want to replace it in a few months.

A flashlight tester with the vest on.
O o, there's a toilet with a knife in it...oops!!! ;)

Quicktime movie (.mov extension) showing the vest flashing.
It is approximately 1.75 megabytes (1,838,876 bytes); dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than five minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

Vest was received in late summer 2002. I apologise for its late appearance on my website (mid summer 2003); I was in the hospital most of autumn 2002 and part of winter 2002/2003, and the cleaners misplaced it (in an unused closet, of all places!) while I was away. I just now found it (July 25, 2003) so here ya go...

UPDATE: 08-07-06
After I received an email a short time ago today asking if I still had the vest, I checked it, and it no longer functions. I changed the batteries in it; that didn't do any good either. I tried gently smacking the switch with my hand and flexing the vest in the vicinity of the battery holder & circuit; still no workie.

UPDATE: 08-07-06
No, you aren't seeing things.
Yes, a same-day update.
There's nothing wrong with the vest at all - I installed one of the batteries incorrectly.

Lightweight, ventilated design to help keep you cool
Flashing LEDs to increase visibility

Some users may find parts of the vest to be too stiff

    PRODUCT TYPE: LED Safety Vest
    LAMP TYPE: Red 5mm LEDs
    No. OF LAMPS: 14
    SWITCH TYPE: Rubberised pushbutton on/off
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 2x AA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Light rain/sprinkle resistant
    ACCESSORIES: 2x AA cells
    WARRANTY: 2 years


    Star Rating

ETG LED Safety Vest *

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