Bulbstar LED Daylight Light Bulb, retail $2.99*
Manufactured by Bulbstar (http://bulbstar.net)
Last updated 11-06-20

This is a household light bulb designed to be screwed into a standard E-26 (medium screw base) light socket, and powered directly from 110 to 130 volts AC 60Hz.
Unlike many LED bulbs, this one is advertised to be dimmable.

It features unknown-type phosphor cool white LEDs and a milky-white diffused "bulb" like many incandescent light bulbs have; the light is radiated in a mainly toroidial ("doughnut-shaped") beam out of the entire bulb except for a ~90° region near the bulb's screw base -- but for all intents and purposes it radiates its light in a 360° spheroid region like most incandescent household light bulbs.

The color is described on the packaging materials as "daylight" with a color temperature of 5,000K.

To the eye, the light does appear to be a slightly cool-white -- it's actually remarkably close to the light produced by a standard cool white fluorescent light bulb or tube.

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

These bulbs are so easy to use, a caveman could do it!

Simply unscrew and remove the old bulb, and screw the Bulbstar Daylight LED Light Bulb in its place.
Yes, it really is that easy folks!!!

Note that I did not instruct you to smash the old bulb and then carefully sweep up the sharp little glass bits and the base and have you dump the dustpan into the dustbin or empty it into the loo and flush them away, hahaha!!!

This product is powered by mains ("house current"), not batteries.
So I do not have to tell you which part to remove, huck into a river boiling with hungry, hungry pirahnas or piddled-off caimans, and then rather emphatically tell you not to.

This bulb has a medium E-26 screw base, and screws directly into any American household lamp holder.
It feeds from 110 to 120 volts AC 60Hz -- which is the voltage and frequency used in north America.

Like I stated earlier, unlike many other LED retrofit light bulbs, this one is dimmable!
So you don't have to worry about this bulb breeding baby Sydney funnel web spiders, horsefly maggots (larvae), or western tiger swallowtail caterpillars (larvae)...er...uh... I mean, STARTING AN UNWANTED FIRE!!!

Since this bulb was meant to be screwed in a light receptacle and not fv¢k€d with, I won't whap it against a steel rod or the concrete patio floor, try to drown it in a toliet bowl, stomp on it (or just simply step on it), run over it, or inflict other punishments upon it that might be inflicted upon regular flashlights. So this section will be rather short.

Handle it as you would an ordinary household light bulb, and it shouldn't give you any guff. If you drop it, the plastic bulb (outer envelope) *COULD* become broken (but probably won't), just like a regular light bulb except that there's no vaccum (vacumn, vaccuummnne, vacuume, vacum, vacuum, etc.) to relieve, so it will likely not make that satisfying "POP!" sound that you hear when you drop a regular light bulb on the floor and it breaks.

Bulb temperature is a bit of a worrisome little issue though.
After operating base-up for less than one hour, temperature near the bottom of the bulb (where the screw base is located) was measured at 167.1°F (75.05°C). While this isn't hot enough to inflict an instant burn, electronics and LEDs generally don't like temperatures this warm for extended periods of time.

Ambient temperature when this measurement was taken was 71.8°F (22.1°C).

The cautions on the box indicate to avoid direct exposure to water and it also states that this bulb should not be used with emergency exit signs or fixtures.

Photograph of the bulb, illuminated of course.
Those black stripes are caused by the camera; this is known as the, "rolling shutter" effect and occurs because the bulb blinks rapidly (120Hz).
There is no known solution -- at least none that *I* know of anyway.

Measures 242,000mcd on an Amprobe LM631A light meter.
Remember though, that this is a 360° light source, and wider viewing angles always, always, ALWAYS equal lower mcd (intensity) values!

Advertised to produce 800 lumens.
Lumens are measured with a very expen$ive instrument called an integrating sphere, and I do not own or have any access to one. So I am forced to take the packaging claims as gospel.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the LEDs in this bulb.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the LEDs in this bulb; spectrometer's response narrowed to a band between 440nm and 460nm to pinpoint native emission peak wavelength, which is 449.06nm.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the LEDs in this bulb; spectrometer's response narrowed to a band between 500nm and 580nm to pinpoint phosphor emission peak wavelength, which is 520.98nm.

The raw spectrometer data (tab-delimited that can be loaded into Excel) is at bulbstar.txt

USB2000 Spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

A beam cross-sectional analysis would normally appear here, but the ProMetric System
that I use for that test was destroyed by lightning in mid-July 2013.

I purchased this at the Happy Market in Fresno CA. USA on 11-03-20.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Decent quality of the light (its radiation field anyway)
Very low power consumption (9 watts)
The price is most definitely right
Potential for very long bulb life
Easy to retrofit existing lamps and wall/ceiling light sockets with

Possibility that the bulb's color might cause you to become piddled-off at it

May run a bit on the warm side if used base-up

    MANUFACTURER: Bulbstar
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED-type *DIMMABLE* household light bulb w/plastic envelope
    LAMP TYPE: SMD-type high-powered phosphor cool white LED
    No. OF LAMPS: Unknown
    BEAM TYPE: 360° somewhat toroidial flood
    CASE MATERIAL: Plastic with metal screw base
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: N/A (uses 110-120VAC mains power)
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND URANATION-RESISTANT: Very light splatter-resistance at maximum
    SIZE: 107.80mm L x 59.705mm Dia. (at widest point)
    WEIGHT: 27g (0.95 oz.)
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Star Rating

Bulbstar Daylight LED Light Bulb * http://bulbstar.net>/i>

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